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Please join the Creekwood Middle School PTA! Becoming a member is quick and easy on our website. The Creekwood PTA supports so many wonderful programs for our students and school including:

6th Grade Field Day ➢Arts in Education (guest speakers)➢ Career Week (all grades)
➢ FISH Dance (8th graders)➢ Reflections, Volunteer Coordinating, Staff Appreciation, & More​​​


Our membership dues are $10.50 per person. We encourage you, your spouse, and even your student to join to ensure that our fantastic programs continue for all Colts to enjoy!

After signing up your account allows you to:
• Complete and access the student directory online • Sign-up for volunteer opportunities
• Join the PTA (joining PTA does not involve meetings or commitments,

it simply lets you have a voice in the largest child advocacy organization

in the state and supports your local, state, and national PTA organizations)
• Sign-up to receive important communications



May 21st, 2020 at 3pm

(details about Zoom meeting will be emailed to all members)



At the general meeting we will be voting in officers for the 2020-2021 school year. In addition, we will be voting to amend our current bylaws. A summary of the changes can be found here.


Nominations for 2020-2021 Board


For 1st Vice President (program coordinator) KELLY LUTTRELL,

For 2nd Vice President (membership) SANDRA BERRY ,

For 3rd Vice President (volunteers) JANET SHAW,

For 4th Vice President (fundraising) LAUREN PRICE,

For 5th Vice President (communications) ANNE LA ROCCA,

For Secretary KATHY CHRISTY,

For Treasurer KENDRA BUTLER.



Did you know the CMS PTA runs events like 6th grade field day and Fish Dance? That we bring speakers to the school, provide help to the facility and staff throughout the year, and provide an appreciation lunch at the end of the year?


These are just a few of the things that the PTA is involved in and as part of the CMS family, we would love to have you as part of the team. Whether you want to be a part of one of our big projects, volunteer one day for a few hours at the school, or simply just want to be a member to help support our efforts, every bit of your time and energy is welcomed.


Please consider joining today and if you have already joined, consider signing up for one of our volunteer opportunities. I look forward to having you on the team.


A big THANK YOU to Mr. Winicki for his constant support and a leadership that always strives to create connections and better everyone.  Our students at Creekwood are better people for the time they spend within this school-not just with a great education, but relationships and connections with peers and adults as well!  #connectionsmatter #cmsrocks

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We are thankful for all our volunteers.

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